ABA Releases 2012 FMLA Case Report

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The American Bar Association, in association with the Bureau of National Affairs, released its 2013 Midwinter Meeting Report of 2012 FMLA Cases.  This report reviews a comprehensive list of FMLA cases from 2012 and categorizes them into subparts of the FMLA to which they pertain.

 The report contains 290 pages, and the general categories for the cases are organized by chapter:

Chapter 1. History, Structure, and Administration of the FMLA
Chapter 2. Coverage of Employers
Chapter 3. Eligibility of Employees for Leave
Chapter 4. Entitlement of Employees to Leave
Chapter 5. Length and Scheduling of Leave
Chapter 6. Notice and Information Requirements
Chapter 7. Pay and Benefits during leave
Chapter 8. Restoration Rights
Chapter 9. Interrelationship with other Laws, Employer Practices, and Collective Bargaining
Chapter 10. Interference, Discrimination, and Retaliation Claims
Chapter 11. Enforcement, Remedies, and other Litigation Issues

The only thing missing from the report that would make it a great FMLA resource is statements of existing law for each category and sub-category.  As it is, if you have a reasonably strong background in the FMLA, this is a nice update on current court interpretations of the law.

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