The EEOC Has Been Busy . . . .

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Just days before its proposed rule on changes to its EEO-1 form and reporting requirements, on January 21, 2016, the EEOC released proposed changes to its Retaliation Enforcement Guidance.  While this document does not carry the force or weight of regulations or statutes, it can guide a court’s reasoning.  This 76-page document purports to summarize the law of retaliation and provide its investigators with information to help them conduct and complete their investigations.

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Idaho Human Rights Commission Statistics FY2015

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Today I attended a continuing legal education seminar for the Idaho State Bar Employment and Labor Law Section. Linda Goodman, Administrator/Director of the Idaho Human Rights Commission, was the presenter. I thought some of the statistics she presented were worth passing on.

During the Commission’s 2015 fiscal year, 443 new cases were filed, up from 435 in fiscal year 2014. Of the 443 new cases, 414 were employment related. The following table shows what categories of employment discrimination the cases alleged:

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